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The Art of mastering money
Find the Missing Link in Your Financial Journey with a fREE COPY of money and the prosperous soul
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is money a spiritual power?
Much is taught about the subject of finance but seldom is the purpose and nature of money explained. Stephen K. De Silva is changing the conversation about money

Money is a servant with the power to exaggerate the heart of its master. This power will manifest in both economic and spiritual ways. Up until this point, this dualism has been ignored to our own peril. This free book will be your guidepost to finding your authority over money.
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In your free copy of Money and the Prosperous Soul, learn the whole story of wealth and riches, and how to master money using biblical truth. See how financial problems are rarely about money. Exit the bitter struggle between poverty and mammon by severing the source of every financial disease: the orphan spirit. Overcome generational cycles of loss and harm, and advance yourself for good. Become the steward God imagined you to be; become a PROSPEROUS SOUL!
What People Are Saying:
Dave Ramsey
Host of The Dave Ramsey Show and author of The Total Money Makeover
I'm grateful that Stephen De Silva has finally put prosperity in the proper light: by defining it by the condition of your soul, not your wallet. 
Bill Johnson
Senior Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, CA and author of When Heaven Invades Earth. 
My heart leaped as, page after page, Steve took me beyond my high expectations into realms I could only imagine. A masterpiece that could equip a generation to succeed where others have failed.
Verne Harnish
CEO of Gazelles and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
There are two fatal and opposite errors that rob us of happiness and pull us off the path of a prosperous soul. Steve illuminates these errors and teaches how to avoid their grip.
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